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Appleton Family Dentistry is committed to providing exemplary care for the dental needs of the entire family. We measure the success of our dental office by the happiness and well-being of our patients. We promote the highest standard of dentistry and utilize the latest and most comfortable techniques to ensure the best visit possible for our clients.

Our incredible, professional staff at Appleton Family Dentistry strives to provide family dental treatment that enables our patients to maintain maximum oral health, function, comfort, and aesthetics throughout their entire lifetime. We are Delta Premier and WEA providers.

History of Appleton Family Dentistry

The story of our practice begins prior to the 1970s, but Appleton Family Dentistry as we currently know it began when Dr. Richard Gosse (Dick) purchased the business from Dr. A.W. Zwerg (Al) in 1970. Dr. Gosse worked as a solo practitioner for two years before discovering that he was too busy to carry on alone. Dr. Gosse called upon his friend Dr. Charles Edwards (Bill) to help out. The two dentists had met previously in Portland, Maine while working for the United States Public Health Service.

In 1972, Drs. Gosse and Edwards began working together in the Zuelke Building in downtown Appleton. Together, they built upon their success, eventually expanding their practice by constructing our existing building in 1980. At the time, this neighborhood was quite sparse, as it was primarily farmland. However, over time, Northland Mall and Cub Foods developed and provided an excellent location for our dental office.

As the practice grew, Dr. Edwards and Dr. Gosse realized the need for an additional doctor. The practice welcomed Dr. Darrell Yunk in the fall of 2001. He had previously practiced in Sturgeon Bay, WI for 2 years and was looking to come back to his hometown of Appleton. The practice changed names at this point from Gosse and Edwards to Appleton Family Dentistry. In 2008, Drs. Gosse and Edwards announced their intention to retire. In response to this decision, Dr. Yunk sought out Dr. Matt Kappelman to join our team as his partner.

The dental office as it exists today was remodeled in 2010- 2011 to accommodate current dental technology, maximize comfort, and exceed current infection control standards. Today, our expert staff of dentists and dental hygienists provide a full suite of exceptional family dentistry services, including single visit crowns and bridges, tooth filling, dental veneers, and the safest, best teeth whitening methods on the market. We are proud beyond words of the staff we employ today and the remarkable folks we have been lucky enough to call colleagues throughout the years. To this day, we regularly meet with past employees and owners for get togethers or lunches. Even in a newly remodeled dental office, we are constantly reminded of where this practice came from and the proud history we have built our foundation upon.